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Building Block For Kids

Building Blocks For Kids awards small grants to children with disabilities. After 12 years in operation, their brand identity needed a refresh. To invigorate their story, our team leveraged the infectious and enthusiastic energy of their volunteers and recipients. I led the project and developed the verbal and digital strategy.


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New Identity

Brand Narrative

The heart of Building Blocks For Kids is our commitment to improving lives block-by-block, need-by-need. Regardless of diagnosis, we raise funds for children with disabilities to help them achieve happier, more independent lives. Because not every disability has a name, but every child does. With unwavering support, we walk hand in hand with families to alleviate stress and accomplish new milestones. Our compassionate community celebrates the stories of each child as they build better and brighter futures—one block at a time.


Brand Character

A vibrant community united by compassion


Brand Promise

BB4K exists to create happier, healthier and more independent lives for children with disabilities


Brand Attributes

  • Compassion – welcoming families with open understanding and empathy

  • Hope – confidence that human connection and optimism will solve any challenges BB4K kids face

  • Family – the heart of our organization; loving acceptance shared throughout our community

  • Commitment – our organization, donors and volunteers are advocates for BB4K kids and families

  • Community – funding grants solely from the efforts of families, donors, and volunteers

  • Support – our involvement with families extends past need fulfillment to empower them to build better futures by relying on our community and resources

Digital Execution



Print Execution

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