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Crisis Center Campaign Concept

A crisis center needed to gain awareness, but had limited funds to do so. To spread their message of compassionate cooperation while adding real value to citizens, I created the marketing campaign concept "You're Not Alone."

When people are asked for money while walking to work, they can easily provide real help with a simple business card. The card below has contact information for local homeless resources on the front. On the back, it has a pocket for a single-use bus pass, which the crisis center could include by partnering with the local transportation system. The bus pass ensures that anyone who receives the card can safely travel to the addresses listed on the front.

Campaign Attributes

Accepting - everyone walks a different path. The information on the card helps make that path a little smoother.

Optimistic - the project is based on a belief that tomorrow can be better for every single human.

Communal - the card is a physical way to reach out and help someone. Its success depends on human connection and an innate, collective desire to help the people in our community.


Simple - the card is free from extraneous information to give practical solutions with a human touch.

Authentic - the language and visuals don't pander to recipients, but provide a real solution for making it to the next day.

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