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Grenache Noir
Brand Concept and Execution

A tropical taste of a crafted grenache. A peek into the fabled vineyards of Southern Italy. A touch of the sunlight from Sierra Hills, California. 


To introduce a new collection of grenache wines to market, a client needed a distinct brand concept. In response, I developed the concept Femme Locale - a mysterious hostess who invites consumers to discover treasured wine secrets from around the world. The following spec content includes the brand foundation and shelf execution.

Brand Story

DiVine Roots

The infamous Femme Fatale leads men to their demise, but the Femme Locale leads consumers to more desirable destinations. With a whisper of her taste temptations, she beckons audiences to discover the locations of the world’s most revered Grenache Noirs. The allure of her secrets entices them to taste the DiVine Roots of each wine. With romanticized language and nuanced details, she unveils hidden locales, rich cultures, and unexpected inspirations.

Femme Locale - Hints of Legacy. Notes of Escape.

Packaging Copy

Aragon, Spain - Secret Soils

As the Grenache grape's suspected location of origin, Aragon's hot climate yields an especially rich and sweet flavor profile.

Rhône, France - Joie de Vine

Explore the deep fruit and tannin flavors of Rhône's treasured vineyards.

Sierra Foothills, California - Coveted California

The foothills of Sierra Nevada are known for their tepid climate, creating a hearty Grenache with oak and cranberry flavors.

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