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Hi, there. Thank you for visiting. I’d like to use this space to introduce myself by sharing what I care about most in my professional life.


The results of my work and the recognition I’ve received for it (I won employee of the year in 2021 and was nominated again last year) are fueled by one simple ingredient: Empathy. I'm fascinated by humans, how they feel, and what motivates them. That persistent curiosity translates into significant business value.

  • It means clients get work that works. To develop innovative ideas, you need rich inspiration, and I start with the richest inspiration there is—the customer. I love learning what they want in order to tell stories that engage them on a deeper level with the client’s brand.

  • It means client teams get an eager collaborator. My work is about the client's goals. I listen to what keeps them up at night and push until they feel ecstatic about the solution. 

  • It means co-workers get a partner who supports their success. By connecting on a human level with the people around me, I’m inherently motivated to win as a team.

  • It means my employer gets an advocate. Even in my day-to-day, I ensure that I’m aligned with the larger values of my organization and that my output is aligned with that vision.

  • And last but not least, it means I’m fun to work with. Or at least, that's what they tell me.


If you’re considering hiring me, I’d love the chance to discover what you, your team, and your customers care about most.

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