I’m a copywriter and storyteller who consistently delivers a mix of creative and strategic thinking. I’ve worked on print ads, radio scripts, social media, brand identity, campaign concepts, and many others – anything I could get my hands on to challenge myself and expand my skillset.

In addition to writing and concepting, I bring a few extra skills to the (conference room) table:

  • As an improv comedy performer, I’m comfortable thinking on my feet and know how to build rapport with humor. I should point out, though, my writing skills are no joke.

  • When I wrote for Transformers, I learned how to do an epic action movie announcer voice. If a teammate writes a headline and isn’t sure if it works, I can repeat their line in the movie voice to test out its awesomeness potential. 

  • I’ve perfected the art of high fives, which can be the perfect celebratory gesture for a project win among teammates.

  • After writing for a teeth magazine, I know pretty much everything there is for a layman to know about oral health. When co-workers have mouth issues and need advice, I can readily provide it, helping them avoid time away from work. Americans miss roughly 164 million hours of work due to oral health issues every year. That means my teeth knowledge may actually help improve productivity in the long run.