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Below is a selection of names I've developed along with brief descriptions of their strategic functions.

Warped Roots

Craft Beer

Ties together each beer in the lineup with an evocative, thematic moniker


Hearing Aids

Appeals to an older demographic by conveying reliability

That Thing Yuzu // Follow Your Passion Fruit // Livin' the Good Lime

Summer Shampoos

Communicates the primary ingredients with catchy, summer-inspired phrases

Star Storm Battle Set

Beyblade Burst Feature Pack

Represents the innovative shape of the new stadium in a bold, exciting tone

Espresso Yourself // Choc Choc. Who's There? Strawberry

Til The Cows Come Home Ice Cream Flavors

Communicates the ice cream flavors with quirky, irreverent word play

Quad Ring Combat Pack // Spin Shifter Pack // Elite Warrior 4 Pack

Beyblade Burst Exclusive Packs

Explains the unique contents of each pack in ways that make them sound exciting and powerful

Reciplease! // Momosites Attract // Done in One


Each captures the distinct attributes and primary hooks of the shows as Hy-Vee launches its online TV channel

Summer Meal Meet-Ups

Food Bank of Iowa Food Program

Quickly explains the new service offering with a bright, simple name

Speed Series // Power Series // Power Plus Series // Nitro Series

Transformers Energon Igniters Segment Architecture

Distinguishes each price point within the overall Energon Igniters product line using thematic naming tiers