Nature Needs Heroes Tour

Sure, it's an iconic boot. But Timberland is so much more. It's a steward of the Earth, sourcing sustainable materials and planting 50 million trees. Problem was, no one knew buying a shoe could mean helping our planet.


To transform perceptions, my agency created a giant bootprint in New York and Boston. It brought to life the brand mantra, "Nature Needs Heroes." Each tread was an awning that housed a brand experience where visitors could become heroes themselves. Partnering with influencers and non-profits, we told stories about heroes fighting for a better world.

I helped develop the concept, event story, and on-site messaging. My first job was to create the event rally cry, “Leave Your Mark.”

A Look at the Event

The bootprint from above

The entrance

Inside the bootprint

Event Signage

Equal parts directional and inspirational

Hero Quiz

Visitors got to join in by pledging to help the environment. To engage passersby, I pitched a quiz that made pledging personal and fun. Our hero quiz tied the product to the pledge and drew inspiration from the 9 enneagram types, ensuring results would be accurate. 

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