Nature Needs Heroes Tour

Sure, it's an iconic boot. But Timberland is so much more. It's a steward of the Earth, sourcing sustainable materials and planting 50 million trees. Problem was, no one knew buying a shoe could mean helping our planet.


To transform perceptions, my agency created a giant bootprint in New York and Boston. It brought to life the brand mantra, "Nature Needs Heroes." Each tread was an awning that housed a brand experience where visitors could become heroes themselves. Partnering with influencers and non-profits, we told stories about heroes fighting for a better world.

I helped develop the concept, event story, and on-site messaging. My first job was to create the event rally cry, “Leave Your Mark.”

A Look at the Event

The bootprint from above

The entrance

Inside the bootprint

Event Signage

Equal parts directional and inspirational

Welcome Rotunda Pillars Print Ready - Cr
Welcome Rotunda Pillars Print Ready - Cr
Welcome Rotunda Pillars Print Ready - Cr

Hero Quiz

Visitors got to join in by pledging to help the environment. To engage passersby, I pitched a quiz that made pledging personal and fun. Our hero quiz tied the product to the pledge and drew inspiration from the 9 enneagram types, ensuring results would be accurate. 

Quiz Results Screen.jpg