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Soccer Player Becomes Superhero

What do you get a too-cool-for-school, 15-year-old soccer player during the holidays? My brother's Christmas list included high-ticket items like the next iPhone, tickets to see the Superbowl, and a Lamborghini. Unfortunately, my budget didn't accomodate his list. Instead, I made him into a superhero with a comic book called Nitro Nik and the Trickin' Elixir. Below is the story intro.

There’s no one else Coach Kohen would trust to make this corner kick. In the final match against the despised Atlètico Madrid, Nik was the only player who could achieve victory now.


Nik zoned out the blaring crowd. It was just him and the soccer ball. The whistle blew. Kick. Blades of grass, cut evenly from his sharp-shooter foot, blew into the air like snowflakes. The ball bent into the net exactly as Nik knew it would. 




Nik’s team rushed the field to hoist him into the air. Amid the cheers, his eye caught a glimpse of a mysterious man dressed in all black turn and disappear into the crowd. But Nik paid him no mind. It was time to dump a gallon of Gatorade on his coach’s head.


Little did he know that the mysterious man was scouting Nik’s abilities for a top secret mission. Deep underground, below Gatorade’s headquarters, a group of mad scientists had formulated a new kind of sports drink – one that would turn soccer players into super soccer players. They called it the trickin’ elixir. And they knew just who they wanted to be their star superkicker. 


Nik received a covert call from the Gatorade team. When he travelled to their underground lair, he drank the elixir and became Nitro Nik. With Gatorade elixir rushing through his veins, he unleashed kicking powers no one could ever have imagined. 


Will Nitro Nik be able to hone his new soccer powers? When the evil, rival team steals the elixir, will Nitro Nik be able to save the city from their devious plots? As he flies through the city on his Lamborghini hover board, will he and his team, the Nitrolites, deliver the ultimate buttkick in the match to end all matches?


Only time will tell…and time is running out!

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