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Dentist Jokes

While writing over 150 pages of content about teeth, I wrote some jokes about them. These weren't released to the public. No one used them. I'm probably the only one who laughed at them. Enjoy. 

What do endodontists do at parties? They raise the root.

How did the dentist help the inspector? He got to the root of the problem.

How does a dentist cross a river? He uses a bridge.

How does a dentist keep a secret? He brushes it under a rug.

What are a dentist's favorite flowers? Two-lips.

What did one dentist give to the other dentist when he was sad? A soft tissue.

What did the dentist say to the celebrity stalker? You're abscessed.

What disease are dentists most afraid of? Molaria.

What did the dentist say when he met Gene Simmons? Hygiene!

What do dentists play at sleepovers? Tooth or dare.

What do good dentists do in their free time? They brush up on their craft.

What does the Tooth Fairy wear on her birthday? A crown.

What's an endodontist's favorite movie? Pulp fiction.

What's an oral surgeon's favorite movie? Jaws.

What's a periodontist's favorite candy? Gummy bears.

When did the retired dentist graduate high school? Decays ago.

Where does a dentist go on vacation? Fluorida.

Why did the dentist burn his hand on the stove? He got too veneer it.

How do dentists spread secrets? Word of mouth.

What did the dentist dislike about his car? It had too many dentures.

How does the dentist deliver the mail? He caries it.

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