Packaging and Ecommerce

With the new animation Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters zinging onto the Netflix roster, Hasbro released a refreshed toy line. Based on the brand guidelines and guided by the senior writer, I helped create packaging and ecommerce copy. I do not own any imagery or content shown. Screenshots sourced from Wal-Mart product listing for context purposes only.

Product Description

Spring into kinetic cool with toys inspired by the flexsational animated series on Netflix, Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters. Flex Power Heroes bend and fling with zinging energy that kids control. When exposed to an experimental chemical, Flexarium, high school students Jake, Nathan, and Ricardo become Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters. The trio zips into fast-paced action as they learn how to balance their regular lives with their epic new powers. 

Packaging and Character Bios



In the animation, Stretch Armstrong always seems to be sttreeetched to his limits, but that doesn't slow him down. With limbs zooming in every direction, he springs into his new heroic responsibilities with unstoppable energy. His upbeat swagger inspires friends to up their game against Charter City villains.



In the animation, Ricardo Perez was the new kid in school, and now he’s the new superhero in town. As the Flex Fighter named Omni-Mass, he shifts his weight to become unstoppable. When flex-fueled villains attack, Omni-Mass finds his place protecting Charter City friends with feats of show-stopping strength. 



In the animation, Wingspan brings his constant optimism to the sky with gravity-defying aerial support. When the Flex Fighters spring into action, he soars above the skyscrapers chasing Charter City villains, and then dives into the scene to squash enemy attacks. 



Who is the slimy, green menace wreaking havoc in Charter City, and how can he be stopped? Whoever he is, the Stretch Monster is one pain in the neck for the Flex Fighters. The arch enemy of the twistacular heroes is massive, unstable, and bent on destruction. 



In the animation, Riya Dashti is a student by day and ninja named Blindstrike by night. She uses her super smarts and Flexarium weapons to trick the Flex Fighters on her shadowy missions. Whether it's a math quiz or a stealth attack, there's never been a test Blindstrike can’t ace. 



In the animation, Quick Charge absorbs bolts of energy to unleash her signature move -- skating on electricity. The sinister scientist charges into Charter City to unleash her revenge on Rook Enterprises...unless the Flex Fighters can stop her before it's too late.

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