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Nature Needs Heroes Tour

Timberland had a problem: Few knew about their fight against climate change.

So we took over city centers in New York, Boston, and Chicago with a gigantic bootprint—a literal way to show what Timberland stands for.

Inside the bootprint, guests talked with environmental influencers, potted baby trees, shopped sustainably sourced boots, and more. This intimate engagement inspired passersby to choose responsible products and encouraged them to "Leave Your Mark."

The Event

Cap Deck_PXP_CapOne_10.31.19_Page_18.png

The bootprint from above

Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 7.25.40 PM.png

The entrance


Inside the bootprint

Hero Quiz

Visitors joined in by pledging to help the environment. We pitched a quiz that made pledging personal and fun. Our hero quiz tied the product to the pledge and drew inspiration from the 9 enneagram types, ensuring results would be accurate. 

Quiz Intro Screen.jpg
Quiz Question Screen.jpg
Quiz Results Screen.jpg

Event Signage

Equal parts navigation and inspiration

Welcome Rotunda Pillars Print Ready - Cr
Welcome Rotunda Pillars Print Ready - Cr
Welcome Rotunda Pillars Print Ready - Cr
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