Packaging and Ecommerce

As Hasbro introduced the new Transformers Studio Series brand segment, I helped develop the packaging and ecommerce copy. I do not own any imagery or content shown. Screenshots sourced from Amazon product listing for context purposes only.

Police Chase

Bumblebee faces off with Decepticons to protect his human friends.

Mission City Battle

Autobot Ratchet clears the path with steadfast speed.

Hong Kong Pursuit

Decepticon Stinger materializes into a mercilous, man-made warrior.

Forest Fight

Optimus Prime fearlessly takes on Decepticons, risking it all for freedom.

High Speed Chase

Crowbar obliterates oncoming obstacles to reach the Autobots.

Mission City Battle

Starscream soars amid skyscrapers with tactical precision to annihilate opponents.

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