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Cat Matchers
Pro-Bono Campaign

When three feral cats showed up at my home, my vet connected me with Cat Matchers—a local non-profit who helped me through the painstaking process of rehabilitation and adoption.

At the time, the pandemic had left shelters short-staffed, so more cats were ending up on the street. I saw that Cat Matchers needed to increase adoptions to open up space for strays.

My agency agreed to help with a pro-bono campaign. The creative centered on a single customer insight: that most felt confused and frustrated during the adoption process. But Cat Matchers offered an individualized experience to match the right animal with the right human.

Since the campaign launched, Cat Matchers is homing and saving more cats than ever—proving that empathy-driven marketing can have a meaningful positive impact.

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Adoption Brochure

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Business Cards

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