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High School Outreach

When protests broke out in the summer of 2020, my agency looked inward and challenged itself to do better. We realized the hard truth that African-American voices were underrepresented in advertising. To try to move the needle just a bit, we brainstormed an outreach campaign directed toward high school students in the surrounding area. As they considered what to study in college, our goal was to show what a career in advertising could offer with educational resources and mentorship.


I pitched the #wavemakers campaign below to show that this field is an opportunity to be heard.

Campaign Platform

Wave Makers - Round 3 (1)_Page_1.png

Be the voice that breaks through.


If someone yells in a noisy world, do they make a sound? No. Anyone can be loud. Only a bold voice can be heard.


Our job is to be original. To turn tides with our minds. To inspire millions to listen to our stories.


When you join us, you'll join the heard. You’ll find that what you have to say won’t just be shared—it’ll be broadcasted. With the megaphone in your hands, what waves will you make?

Execution Plan

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