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The 5 Disciplines of Highly Effective Employees

Working with a team, I helped write and publish The 5 Disciplines of Highly Effective Employees. The book takes the proven methodologies of Lean Six Sigma and applies it to individual career development. Readers learn how to deliver proactive solutions—called micro improvements. 

My job was to craft an emotionally-compelling narrative that simplified an otherwise dry and theoretical system. Through this project, I gleaned a powerful set of insights that I have since applied to my own career.

The reviews and synopsis are below, and the Amazon listing can be found here



"The 5 Disciplines team has created a simple framework to help people take ownership of their performance and become proactive in improving it. With today’s complexity and level of specialization, their approach for implementing an individual improvement system is essential to creating a fully engaged and impactful workforce."

- Amee Kamdar, Ph.D., Manager, Product Strategy, Facebook, and Former COO of Freakonomics Consulting Group

"The 5 Disciplines of Highly Effective Employees was an easy and very relatable read. It gives every employee a systematic process for continuous improvement and provides a methodology that can be put to use right away."

- Daniel McCabe, Chief Administrative Officer, CareSource


The average employee in the average company implements one process improvement each year, but world-class companies such as Toyota see fifty implemented improvements per year per employee. These companies have established a systematic process to engage their employees in continuous improvement.

In The 5 Disciplines of Highly Effective Employees, Mike Fedotowsky, a nuclear physicist who was part of the first company outside of Japan to win the Deming Prize, and Seth Hummel, an MIT-trained entrepreneur, along with our collaborators, have created a simple methodology that helps any employee at any level of an organization achieve their full potential by increasing their rate of improvement.

The 5 Disciplines of Highly Effective Employees is based on Dr. Deming’s Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle for continuous improvement. By answering the following 5 questions, the book will provide you with a disciplined approach to help you maximize your potential at work and beyond.

· What is my job?
· Am I doing a good job?
· How do I analyze my job?
· How do I improve?
· Am I maintaining the gains?


This easy-to-read and relatable story follows Lauren as she takes ownership of her performance and becomes hands-on in improving it. By working with her mentor and her direct manager, you will see Lauren become a proactive and engaged employee, all the while dramatically increasing her rate of growth.

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