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Premium Travel Rewards Credit Card
Welcome Mail

To introduce affluent millennials to their new ultra-premium travel card, my team thought outside of the box. In this case, we thought inside the tube.

When their new credit card arrived, they'd open this unexpected package format. To awaken their sense of wanderlust, we didn't settle for the typical luxury resort aesthetic. Instead, we told an alluring story of the four Earth elements, appealing to this audience's need for meaningful, self-affirming travel.

(Because the product never launched, the brand name has been redacted.)

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Unboxing Experience


When recipients pull off the lid, they see an aspirational message, "To live fully is to travel freely." The card is tucked underneath. On the back of the card sleeve, they find activation instructions and a simple call to "Go."


After finding their card, recipients might think the moment is over. But more delight awaits. As an unexpected welcome gift, a candle embellishes the moment with a custom scent, solidifying an incredible brand perception from the very beginning.

Welcome Booklet

A welcome booklet accompanies the tube in the mail. It completes the story by describing travel rewards through the four Earth elements.

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